Vietnam: Ground Zero (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers #1)

The first book in a thrilling new series you won’t want to miss! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

The elite Green Berets carry out Operation Phoenix: pacification by assassination!

Republic of Vietnam, 1965

On the trail of a deadly Viet Cong force, Master Sergeant Anthony Fetterman leads his Special Forces squad on a patrol across the South Vietnamese border and into Cambodia.

Their mission? To eliminate a dangerous enemy and shorten the war.

When Sergeant Fetterman and Sergeant Tyme are arrested for the murder of a foreign national in a neutral country, U.S. Army Special Forces camp commander Captain Mack Gerber is not about to let them go down without a fight.

Up against a tyrannical General, Gerber finds himself in a race against time to save his men from being court-martialled for doing the job they were trained to do.

But will he and his A-Team succeed? Can they turn the tide of the war in their favour?

Or does Camp A-555 have a spy in its midst?

Vietnam: Ground Zero is the first book in the Vietnam: Ground Zero Series by Eric Helm. 

Series: Vietnam, Book 1
Genre: Action & Adventure
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