Soldier’s Medal (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers #5)

It’s another high-stakes mission in Vietnam for Gerber’s team! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

A Special Forces sergeant turns renegade…

Vietnam, 1966

When Army Special Forces Sergeant Sean Cavanaugh and a patrol of strikers are ambushed, the force is wiped out.

Cavanaugh is the sole survivor. Racked with survivor’s guilt and broken by the horror of combat, his mind snaps.

Captain Mack Gerber, commander of U.S. Army Special Forces Camp A-555, realizes that in a hostile situation the sergeant’s mental state could endanger the lives of those with him.

So when Cavanaugh goes rogue and organizes a hunter-killer team to seek revenge for the ambush, Gerber is left with only one choice – go after Cavanaugh.

But with the jungle full of deadly adversaries, will any of them make it back to camp alive?

Soldier’s Medal is the fifth book in the Vietnam: Ground Zero series by Eric Helm. 

Series: Vietnam, Book 5
Genre: Action & Adventure
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