P.O.W. (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers #2)

The second book in the thrilling Vietnam: Ground Zero series! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

The elite Green Berets must fight to survive a P.O.W. hellhole!

Republic of Vietnam

The Viet Cong are planning to destroy U.S. Army Special Forces Camp A-555 and regain domination.

When units from Camp A-555, Triple Nickel, are lured into a well-planned VC ambush, the Americans take heavy casualties.

But for the survivors, the nightmare has just begun.

Forced to march to a well-hidden P.O.W. camp near the Cambodian border, Master Sergeant Fetterman and Sergeants Tyme and Washington find themselves at the mercy of an embittered VC general.

Can Captain Mack Gerber and his Special Forces A-Team rescue the men before it’s too late?

And will anyone make it back to Camp A-555 alive?

P.O.W. is the second book in the Vietnam: Ground Zero series by Eric Helm. 

Series: Vietnam, Book 2
Genre: Action & Adventure
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