Proxy War (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers Book 29)

Another thrilling Vietnam War adventure! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

Russia has its sights set on South-East Asia…

Republic of Vietnam, 1969

The American government has known for a long time that there were Soviet advisors in North Vietnam, but now it seems they are ready to strike.

Intelligence has been gathered suggesting that Soviet fighter pilots have engaged in aerial combat with American Air Force and Navy pilots.

As of yet the Americans have not retaliated, as the UN is terrified of the Vietnam War escalating into a global nuclear disaster.

But the Soviets have been spotted engaging local Vietnamese troops and it seems they are readying for an attack.

U.S. Army Special Forces Major Mack Gerber and Sergeant Major Anthony Fetterman have been on light duties in Vietnam, during relatively peaceful period in the war.

But after a visit to a Special Forces Camp, they are told that the enemy have been increasing their assaults on the base.

What are the Soviets planning? How large is their army?

Can the US Special Forces stop their deadly attack…?

Series: Vietnam
Genre: Action & Adventure
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