Find out all about Christine Evans November 19, 2018

When did you first start writing? Did a specific event encourage you to start? In the 1990s..

Excerpt from Scarecrow by Matthew Pritchard November 19, 2018

Chapter One Sunday, March 28th, 2010 Danny Sanchez arrived at 10:27..

"I am looking for a drowned girl" by J. C. Briggs November 19, 2018

Ellen Tyrell’s Nose and Other Suspicious Circumstances With thanks to the British Newspaper Archive I am looking for a drowned girl..

We'll be at Write Now 2018 in Chorley! November 11, 2018

We (Caoimhe and Amy) will be at Write Now 2018 run by Chorley & District Writers’ Circle..

He Wrote Her Every Day by Gail Lindenberg November 7, 2018

The Cooper Museum, housed in a small building in the heart of historic downtown Upland, offers a cozy and often crowded venue for local events..

Me, Danny Sanchez and Journalism by Matthew Pritchard November 7, 2018

The Daily Mail and The Sun are both pretty shitty newspapers, I ought to know: I wrote for them both..

When an idea turns into a theme by Austin Hernon October 5, 2018

As a businessman I had always written a lot, reports, analyses, reams of statistics, and the like, but after I retired I decided to write down my life history – and that, as they say, was a different story..

To Love, Honour and Obey by Valerie Holmes October 5, 2018

The world of Valerie Holmes’ fiction is based and inspired by some of the beautiful scenery from my childhood home in North Yorkshire..

Whose Voice? by Graham Brack May 9, 2018

Sapere Books are publishing books of mine from two different series involving two different detectives..

Real Life vs. Fiction by Patricia Caliskan April 11, 2018

Full-time employee by day, aspiring novelist by night? Then you’ve come to the right article, my friend! That’s how every author who ever nabbed themselves a publishing deal started out..

Excerpt from Dead Ernest March 9, 2018

Prologue   BENTLEY Ernest, Husband of Annie and father of William (Billy) passed away suddenly on January 2nd 2004 aged 83..

How I Wrote a Novel by Cathy Bussey March 9, 2018

  This year I achieved a lifelong ambition, I wrote a novel..

How Am I Going to Kill You? by Elizabeth Bailey March 9, 2018

This is the first question for the crime writer, I’ve discovered..

The History Spin Doctors by David Field March 8, 2018

It’s a truism that history is a set of facts left to posterity by the winners, and for historical novelists like me there’s always another ‘take’ on every so-called ‘fact’ we’re taught at school..

The Woman Who Created Mina Scarletti by Linda Stratmann March 8, 2018

The heroine of the Mina Scarletti books is not based on a specific individual; however when I created my diminutive protagonist two people were in my thoughts, one of whom I knew personally..

Write About What You Know by Keith Moray February 8, 2018

I began my writing career many moons ago when I was studying medicine at the University of Dundee in Scotland..

Welcome to Sapere Books! January 12, 2018

Sapere Books is a digital and print-on-demand publisher of exciting new submissions and brilliant backlist books..