Pioneer Post (Vietnam Ground Zero Military Thrillers Book 28)

A nail-biting military drama! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

With a great rise comes a great fall…

Hawaii, 1969

U.S. Army Special Forces Major Mack Gerber and Sergeant Major Anthony Fetterman knew the promise of R&R in Hawaii was too good to be true.

Barely a day into the trip, they are called into a top-secret meeting to discuss classified intelligence. But when they get there, the generals in charge seem reluctant to share any information.

Gerber and Fetterman have recently come back from a mission in Vietnam. Though they were successful, the location where they established their base camp went against instructions from their superiors – and they covered certain things up in their final debrief reports.

All had seemed well when they first returned to the US, but now Gerber is suspicious that a case is being built against them.

Gerber and Fetterman are told they have been called to Hawaii to share base-building tactics with a new team working on the set up of a mission that will take place in Vietnam. But are they really being used for their expertise, or is someone setting them up for a fall?

How loyal are the fellow green berets who served with them in combat? Will secrets be spilled about their time in the jungle?

And will Gerber and Fetterman’s illustrious careers end in tatters…?

Series: Vietnam
Genre: Action & Adventure
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