Operation Il Duce (Destroyers WWII Thriller Series Book 4)

A heart-pounding World War Two thriller! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evens and Max Hennessy.

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About the Book

Lieutenant Crooke leads the Destroyers on a top-secret mission…

Italy, 1943

The Destroyers, an elite British naval commando squad, are ordered on a deadly operation to Italy.

Their mission: to convince the Germans that Admiral Canaris, their top intelligence man, is a traitor.

To do this Lieutenant Crooke, VC and his men must penetrate a mountain fortress and plant a number of papers that will incriminate Admiral Canaris in the baggage of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini.

However, Mussolini has been overthrown by his own people and the Germans have ordered a rescue mission led by the scarred commando Captain Skorzeny.

To reach Il Duce the Destroyers must carve a bloody path through Skorzeny’s ruthless SS commandos…

But have they met their match this time?

Series: Destroyers, Book 4
Genre: Action & Adventure
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