Operation Afrika (Destroyers WWII Thriller Series Book 1)

The first book in a thrilling World War Two military adventure series you won’t want to miss! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evens and Max Hennessy.

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About the Book

Lieutenant Crooke and his team of mercenary soldiers are on a deadly desert mission…

Egypt, 1942

Commander Mallory of Naval Intelligence is sent to Cairo on a mission of vital importance: to prevent the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Army from deserting to Axis-controlled Libya, where his presence could alter the course of the Desert War.

But when the Egyptian General disappears with a German Brandenburger agent, Lieutenant Crooke, a fanatical ex-infantry officer who lost an eye and won the VC on his last mission, is given the task of tracking them down.

Intimately familiar with the North African desert, Crooke assembles a team of hand-picked killers —recruited from Cairo’s Military Prison — and together they give chase into the heart of the scorching desert.

It is a deadly operation little short of impossible — find a single individual somewhere in thousands of square miles of desert, some of it uncharted, with only themselves to rely on.

Can Mallory’s Destroyers find the missing Egyptian General? Will they die a slow death in the searing desert heat?

Or will Rommel’s Afrika Korps kill them first?

Series: Destroyers, Book 1
Genres: Action & Adventure, Bargain Books
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