The Wolf Pack (Submarine WWII Warfare Series Book 1)

The first book in a thrilling World War Two U-Boat naval adventure series! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evans and Max Hennessy

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About the Book

The crew of U-69 are sent on an almost impossible mission…

Germany, 1939

Admiral Dönitz, Head of the German U-Boat Service, is determined to pull off his grand coup to prove to the Fürhrer once and for all that his submarines are the most powerful weapons in Germany’s possession.

Desperate for a piece of the action twenty-year-old novice Christian Jungblut is overjoyed to be assigned to one of the most celebrated submarines, U-69.

His initiation over, he is soon plunged into action as part of the ῾Wolf Pack᾽, three subs tasked with attacking the British Fleet at Scapa Flow.

Left to bring up the rear of the attack mission, U-69 soon feels the full force of Churchill’s revenge.

In the chaos and panic that ensues, Jungblut assumes charge as senior officers all around are brought down by the devastating injury, death and nervous disintegration.

Will the stricken vessel ever reach home? Who will defy the odds to get the glory?

Or is it time to surrender?

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