The Fourth Shadow (Simon Larren Espionage Thrillers Book 4)

Simon Larren returns in another heart-stopping spy thriller! Perfect for fans of Ian Fleming, John le Carré, John Buchan and Len Deighton.

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About the Book

Simon Larren battles deadly forces on a sun-drenched Caribbean island…

London, 1965

Simon Larren is looking forward to an easy assignment in the sunshine when he’s posted to the British colony of San Quito in the Caribbean.

All the ruthless Government agent has to do is guard the visiting President of Maraquilla, Jose Rafael, on his goodwill tour of the island. What could be more straightforward?

But amidst the Communist takeover, the island is rife with political tension, and protecting the president proves a more hazardous task than Larren had expected.

And events take a dark turn when he discovers San Quito’s Communist movement is allied with a much more ancient force: the evil art of voodoo…

Can Larren defend the president against this double threat? How can he protect a man whose own bodyguards are under suspicion?

And when Larren himself becomes a target for the voodooists, can he escape with his own life – as well as Rafael’s – intact?

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