Arctic Assignment (Simon Larren Espionage Thrillers Book 5)

Simon Larren is back in another gripping spy thriller! Perfect for fans of Ian Fleming, John le Carré, John Buchan and Len Deighton.

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About the Book

Simon Larren braves the snow and ice to unravel a deadly mystery…

London, 1965

When a top counter-espionage agent vanishes on a desolate, Soviet-controlled Arctic island, it’s going to take someone with nerves of steel to find out what happened to him. Someone like Simon Larren…

The fearless hired killer’s latest mission is to infiltrate the mysterious Barren Island and investigate his colleague Adrian Cleyton’s disappearance. And with the Cold War heating up, and evidence of nuclear tests being carried out in the area, the race is on to find out what the Russians are planning.

But Larren has extra challenges to contend with in the shape of the merciless Arctic climate … and the beautiful but treacherous Doctor Nina Petrovitch.

And when he’s taken prisoner by the Soviets, suddenly it looks as if all bets are off.

Can Larren escape in time to put a stop to the enemy’s plans? Or has he finally met his match?

As the world teeters on the brink of war, can Larren save the day … before things reach the point of no return?

Series: Simon Larren, Book 5
Genre: Action & Adventure
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