Where Every Man (Inspector James Given Investigations #4)

James Given’s next case is in wartime France! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, Philip Kerr and Andrew Taylor.

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About the Book

Given had chosen the quiet life … until a murder case lands in his lap.

March, 1940

James Given has left his job as an inspector in England and moved with his wife Rachel to start a new life in France.

But when a local woman, Lisette Perron, dies under suspicious circumstances, Given comes out of retirement to investigate the possible murder.

What had first appeared to be a tragic cycling accident seems to be something more sinister.

As James begins to question the locals, it becomes apparent a spy is in hiding nearby.

And with the Second World War intensifying and the terror of the Nazi’s an ever-present threat, Given is unsure of who he can trust.

Was Lisette’s death accidental? Was she involved with the French spy?

And will this complex case bring James Given back out of retirement…?

Where Every Man is the fourth historical crime novel in the Inspector James Given Mystery Series by Charlie Garratt. 

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