A Pretty Folly (Inspector James Given Investigations #2)

Inspector Given is back on the case! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, Philip Kerr and Andrew Taylor.

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About the Book

Civil blood makes civil hands unclean…

England, March 1939

Murmurs of war are rippling through Europe, and violence against Jewish people is on the rise.

Inspector James Given, himself Jewish by birth, but not in practise, is busy trying to stop attacks on Jewish businesses in Coventry.

But then a murder case lands in his lap.

A young girl’s body is found in the crypt of a prestigious school.

Part-mummified, it is hard to discover how long she’s lain there.

But why wasn’t she reported missing? Has no one been looking for her?

And could more lives be at risk…?

A Pretty Folly is the second historical crime novel in the Inspector James Given Mystery Series by Charlie Garratt. 

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