Touch of Terror

The thrilling final instalment in the addictive US crime series featuring Casey Farrell! Perfect for fans of J.A. Jance, Tony Hillerman, Judith Van Gieson, Mary Burton and Isabella Maldonado.

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About the Book

Casey Farrell investigates a sinister cult

When a series of murders are committed in the resort towns of Sedona and Oak Creek, the Governor of Arizona comes under a lot of heat. Millions of people come each year to see the stunning red-rock formations and news of the killings is not good for tourism.

Casey Farrell,investigator with the Governor’s Task Force on Crime, is assigned to the case.

Going undercover, Casey suspects that the ritual aspects of the murders are linked, and to learn more she must infiltrate a secret cult.

But as the pieces of the puzzle slowly come together, they begin to form a frightening picture, of which Casey finds herself the focal point…

Who are the members of a secretive local cult? Can Casey unmask their leader?

Or is she about to become the next sacrificial victim?

TOUCH OF TERROR is the fifth book in the Casey Farrell mystery series: exciting detective crime thrillers set in Arizona, USA, in the early 1990s with a strong female lead.

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