Sound of Murder

Another unputdownable US crime thriller featuring Casey Farrell! Perfect for fans of J.A. Jance, Tony Hillerman, Judith Van Gieson, Mary Burton and Isabella Maldonado.

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About the Book

Casey Farrell uncovers the dangerous underside of the music business

Casey Farrell,special investigator with the Governor’s Task Force on Crime, is on a night out with Detective Sergeant Josh Whitney of the Phoenix Police when they witness the murder of a country and western singer.

Assigned to the case, Casey finds herself working alongside Josh to track down the murderer the press have dubbed the Honky-Tonk Killer.

With pressure from her boss to crack the case, Casey travels to the heart of country music – Nashville, Tennessee – where the killer strikes again.

And when Josh is targeted by the killer, Casey must proceed with caution if she is to uncover the truth.

Her career threatened and her life in danger, can Casey discover the secret that led to murder?

Or will both Casey and Josh become the killer’s next victims?

SOUND OF MURDER is the fourth book in the Casey Farrell mystery series: exciting detective crime thrillers set in Arizona, USA, in the early 1990s with a strong female lead.

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