To Love, Honour and Obey

Regency England is under threat in this page-turning romantic adventure! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

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About the Book

With Napoleon’s spies hidden all over England, no one can be trusted…

1805, England

Six years ago, Willoughby Rossington’s father was murdered while searching for the head of a smuggling ring.

Taken under the wing of his uncle, who is running a counter-intelligence operation against Napoleon’s spies, Willoughby is assigned to take up his father’s last mission—and to avenge his death.

He encounters a young serving woman, Beth, whose resilience against her master’s attempts to break her will strike a chord in him and he reluctantly takes her with him when he leaves town.

But it soon becomes clear that they have a common enemy…

Their two lives become intertwined as they race against the villains that plot to destroy them both.

Will they uncover the truth behind the smuggling ring and find who is responsible for the death of Willoughby’s father? Can they stay safe as they continue to work their way deeper into the mystery?

And, most importantly, will love conquer all? Or will duty and honour come between them?

To Love, Honour and Obey is the first book in The Yorkshire Saga by Valerie Holmes 

‘A gripping start is followed by lots of twists and turns before the leader of the smuggling and spy ring is unmasked.’
– A Darn Good Read
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