In Sickness and in Health

A Regency adventure story you need to get your hands on! For fans of Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Jane Aiken Hodge and Jane Austen.

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About the Book

Will Sophia be ruled by her head or her heart…?

1809, Yorkshire

Ten years ago Sophia Baxtor-Lodge’s world was torn apart when her mother died in childbirth.

Her father, Sir Kenneth, became cold and distant, and Sophie sought comfort in the only friend she had ever known – the stable lad, Isaac.

But when Sir Kenneth found Sophia and Isaac locked in an embrace he drove them both out in a fury.

Isaac was sent to fight for his country in the Peninsula Wars, and Sophia was shipped off to a Ladies College.

Now Sophia is back at Fenton Hall, helping organise the estate on behalf of her father’s new, much younger, wife Cynthia.

Sir Kenneth is determined to marry Sophia off before she gets up to any more mischief, and introduces her to the charismatic trader, Mr Lucas Huntley.

But Sophia’s heart still lies elsewhere…

Can Sophia ever repair her relationship with her father? Will she obey him and marry Mr Huntley?

Or will Isaac find a way to come back to her?

In Sickness and in Health is a stunning traditional British, Regency romance novel full of adventure and espionage, with a love story at its heart.

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