Tip and Run (Spitfire Mavericks Thrillers Book 6)

Don’t miss the latest thrilling adventure for the Maverick Squadron! For fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Jack Higgins.

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About the Book

Angus and a German Ace go head to head…

Winter, 1942

Flight Lieutenant Angus Mackennelly and his team of Mavericks are informed that a new kind of raid is being perpetrated by the Luftwaffe nicknamed a ‘Tip and Run’.

The planes arrive over the Channel, flying extremely low to avoid radar detection, drop bombs and make a quick getaway. These nuisance raids are designed to disrupt the allies and keep their defenses on high alert.
Angus takes a trip to the site of the most recent bombing to see if he can discover more about it. And he makes an extraordinary find – a flat piece of stone with an Ace of Spades playing card attached. This was undoubtedly the calling card dropped by the pilot.
Angus is convinced that the same pilot will try again, and he makes it his personal mission to catch the ‘Ace Raider’.
So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse between the Mavericks and the Luftwaffe invaders.

Who will emerge victorious? Can Angus track down and defeat the raider?

Or will the German Ace lure the Mavericks to destruction…?

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