The Vulcan and the Straits (Jox McNabb Aviation Thrillers Book 4)

Don’t miss another thrilling adventure with the daring Treble Ones! Perfect for fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Alan Savage.

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About the Book

Can Jox lead his squadron to victory…?

Autumn, 1942

Fighter pilot, Jox McNabb has survived the desert and the second battle of El Alamein, but now No. 111 Squadron is heading into a fresh new storm.

They embark on Operation Torch, the invasion of Vichy North Africa, but adverse weather conditions make flying almost impossible.

And their Commanding Officer, Tony Bartley is losing control as he becomes more and more dependent on alcohol.

After a rocky few months, and a final disastrous mission, it is decided that Jox should step up to Squadron Leader.

But as the North African campaign worsens and Bartley becomes increasingly erratic, Jox finds himself fighting an uphill battle.

Is Jox up for the challenge of command? Can he lead his men to victory?

Or are circumstances too stacked against him…?

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