The Maple and the Blue (Jox McNabb Aviation Thrillers Book 3)

Follow Jox McNabb in his next WWII aviation adventure! Perfect for fans of Derek Robinson, James Holland, Frank Barnard and Alan Savage.

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About the Book

No.111 Squadron prepare to face the murderous skies over Dieppe…

Spring, 1942

The Allies and Fighter Command have gone on the offensive. The French town of Dieppe is selected for the first major assault on the European continent.

But Jox McNabb and No.111 Squadron start to feel like they are being lured into a trap.

And their new leader is acting unpredictably, making them worried that he can’t be trusted.

As the largest air armada since the Battle of Britain prepares for the operation, Jox suspects their squadron leader is using the men for his own vanity and ambition.

And if the Dieppe raid goes wrong could it prove to be a devastating sacrifice.

Can Jox lead his men to victory? Will the ambitious operation be a success?

Or will the squadron face disaster…?

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