The Black Knights (Stuka Squadron Thrillers Book 1

The first book in a thrilling aviation war series! Perfect for fans of David Beatty, John Wingate and Derek Robinson.

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About the Book

Devoted, fanatical and deadly, Hitler’s flying artillery are sent into battle…

Germany, 1940

The 1st SS Stuka Squadron — the Black Knights — the only dive-bombing squadron ever formed by Himmler’s black guards, are the élite. Arrogant, aristocratic, and aggressive, these young men are bold and recklessly brave as they are called on to spearhead the Führers plans for conquest.

Old war veteran Major Greim tries to contain his young pilot’s desperate thirst for glory as they risk all in their first combat mission at the front to destroy a critical target hampering General Rommel’s offensive.

Those that survive prove time and time again why the Stuka was the scourge of the skies of Europe.

In impossible flying conditions Himmler orders a suicidal mission to destroy a British warship sent to rescue Major-General Fortune of the 51st Highlanders before he can be captured.

Whose luck will hold against all the odds? How ruthless are they prepared to be?

And is this to be the end of the Black Knights…?

THE BLACK KNIGHTS is the first book in the SS Stuka Squadron thriller series: action-packed historical aviation adventures following the fortunes of the German military pilots in the Second World War.

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