Blood Mission (Stuka Squadron Thrillers Book 4)

Is it all over for the elite German squadron? Perfect for fans of David Beatty, John Wingate and Derek Robinson.

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About the Book

In war, there will be no mercy…

Russian Front, 1944

The 1st SS Stuka Squadron are fighting for survival once again and it is not just the enemy they are battling.

The biting Siberian wind and freezing snow threaten to overwhelm the aristocratic pilots and ground crews as their morale hits an all-time low.

Fatigued, wounded, under-nourished, and plagued by lice, the whole German army is in retreat.

Guided as always by honour and duty, Stuka Commander Detlev de la Mazière volunteers his men as air support to destroy enemy tanks and protect the retreating column of innocent civilians and German, Hungarian and Bavarian troops to the safety of the German lines.

But there is treachery, mutiny and defection as everyone can see the tide has turned and Germany is losing.

For some, it is ‘every man for themselves’ as loyalty and honour are abandoned through cowardice and fear and comrades are sacrificed to the slaughter.

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