Hawks of Death (Stuka Squadron Thrillers Book 2)

The elite German fighter pilots are back! Perfect for fans of David Beatty, John Wingate and Derek Robinson.

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About the Book

The fanatical Black Knights are back for glory…

France, 1941

The 1st SS Stuka Squadron, the only dive-bombing squadron ever formed by Himmler’s black guards, are in action, dropping their deadly bombs over war-torn London.

Fervent supporters of the Führers ‘New Order’ and desperate to regain their families’ former prestige, they are determined to risk everything for glory.

War veteran, Commander Colonel Greim has his work cut out trying to restrain his arrogant young pilots as they make it their mission to destroy the enemy and reap the rewards.

Having had their vengeful plan to kill the King of England thwarted, the disgraced squadron are given one last chance to destroy the English flotilla and its commander, the Kings cousin, Louis Mountbatten.

Amid murder and mayhem, can their courage hold out? Will honour triumph over glory?

Will the Black Knights live to fly another day…?

HAWKS OF DEATH is the second book in the SS Stuka Squadron thriller series: action-packed historical aviation adventures following the fortunes of the German military pilots in the Second World War.

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