Tank-busters. (Stuka Squadron Thrillers Book 3)

Join the German fighting aces as they take on the Soviets! Perfect for fans of David Beatty, John Wingate and Derek Robinson.

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About the Book

Times are changing on the Russian frontier…

Russia, 1943

In the bitterly cold, snow-covered steppes, the German infantry is suffering another cruel winter, retreating as the Russian Red Army rolls inexorably on.

The ranks of the elite 1st SS Stuka Squadron, the Führer’s flying artillery, have been filled by scores of raw teenage recruits, who still believe the Stuka to be the invincible weapon of terror it once was.

Scarred old war veteran, Colonel Greim, must do the best he can to protect his eager, fresh-faced young men from the faster Russian fighters and mobile flak cannons of the ground artillery.

That is until a new weapon and a new mission gives them renewed hope and a fighting chance for survival.

Is conquest of such a huge country possible? Will the new flying weapon be enough?

Which pilots will be taking their last flight…?

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