Never So Proud (WWII Action Thriller Series #2)

A tense and dramatic military adventure based on real World War II events! Perfect for fans of Clive Cussler, Douglas Reeman and Duncan Harding.

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About the Book

Bill Tanner returns … but can he survive his next dramatic battle?

Crete, 1941

Greece has been invaded by the Germans, and the enemy has now turned its attention to Crete.

With the island in grave danger of falling, Allied forces have been posted to the island in great number, Sub-Lieutenant Bill Tanner and Midshipman (A) Brander among them.

But with Germany mounting its first ever airborne assault, victory cannot be taken for granted as German paratroopers fall from the sky in droves.

As one of World War II’s most dramatic battles is played out, Allied forces struggle desperately to withstand the onslaught … and disaster looms for Bill and ‘Brandy’ when their aircraft is shot down.

Will the two of them live to tell the tale? And can the Allies prevail against unprecedented hostilities?

Or does a humiliating defeat await them?

Based on real-life events, NEVER SO PROUD is the second book in the WWII Action Thriller Series: authentic aviation and naval military fiction bringing to life the perilous battles that irrevocably changed the course of World War II.

Series: WWII, Book 2
Genre: Action & Adventure
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