The Wild Weasels (Wings Over Nam Book 2)

A nerve-shredding military aviation thriller set during the Vietnam War! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

The Wild Weasels embark on a top-secret bombing mission in North Vietnam…

Vietnam, 1968

Every U.S. Air Force pilot knew the enemy was building radar-guided surface-to-air missile sites in North Vietnam, but now Washington has released these sites from the restricted-targets list.

For Major William Taylor it’s a chance to get even with the enemy, a chance to destroy all the missile complexes being used against American aircraft.

What he doesn’t know is that a bunch of volunteer pilots — code named the Wild Weasels — are testing modified F-100 fighters. Their mission: learn to fly their killing machines into the very teeth of the NVA missile sites — and wipe them out.

When the untested, undertrained Weasels arrive in Vietnam, Major Paul Osborne will be the first to join them in the blood-red skies of Vietnam — for a death-defying mission of revenge.

Will the top-secret combat mission prove successful? Can the Wild Weasels destroy the enemy’s missile sites?

Or are they about to be blown out of the sky?

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