Linebacker (Wings Over Nam Book 3)

An action-packed Vietnam war thriller! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

Only the bravest airman will jump into North Vietnam to save another…

Vietnam, 1968

The pilots who flew the B-52s wanted missions that meant something. They wanted to take the war into North Vietnam. Operation Linebacker was designed to do just that: a bombing raid that would strike terror deep behind the demilitarized zone.

But when the bomb-laden B-52s come under heavy fire, pilot Lieutenant Colonel Lansdale and his aircrew are forced to eject over enemy territory.

Now he is alone in the hostile jungles of North Vietnam, desperately trying to recall what he had been taught at Air Force survival school and praying that help is on the way.

Para-jumper Sergeant Thomas Wyeth has orders to get any surviving airmen out of the jungle before the NVA soldiers find them.

But when his helicopter also goes down, the man trained to extract other men from danger suddenly finds himself in need of rescue.

With the enemy all around them, can the two airmen survive?

Or are they about to be cut down as the jungle erupts into fire and flame…

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