The Black Cossacks (The Black Cossacks Thriller Series Book 1)

An action-packed Second World War adventure! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evans, Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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About the Book

The war on the Eastern Front is intensifying…

Winter, 1942

The Black Cossacks were one of the toughest breeds of men on earth; famed are and wide as Russia’s warrior elite, men with centuries of legendary fighting skills at their command who bitterly resented the Communist yoke.

As the holocaust gathered momentum on the Eastern Front, Hitler realised that he could not defeat Stalin’s formidable Red Army single-handed.

He sent two men through the desolate wastes and steppes of Russia to find Cossack General Alexei Bogdan. The one man who might turn the tide, if he could be persuaded to lead his Black Cossacks into war for Germany.

In their bitter hatred of Russia’s Communist leader, can the Black Cossacks, the toughest men on earth be rallied to fight for Germany to regain their homelands…

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