Sabres of the Reich (The Black Cossacks Thriller Series Book 2)

Another blood-thirsty adventure for ruthless Cossack warriors! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evans, Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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About the Book

Stalin’s threat comes from within…

Warsaw, 1944

For two years General Alexei Bogdan and his band of elite Cossack warriors have fought side by side with the Wehrmacht against Stalin’s Red Armies.

But now Hitler’s panzer divisions are in retreat, fleeing across the burning steppes of Russia, pursued relentlessly towards the very frontiers of the homeland.

With Russian invasion imminent, after five long years of waiting, the Polish Secret Army begin their revolt against their German oppressors. But the wholesale destruction of the city and its people is Heinrich Himmler’s horrific revenge.

Amid the murder and mayhem, Alexei Bogdan realises the awful truth, there will be no Cossack freedom under German rule.

It is time to lead his brave warriors to new lands and an independent future…

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