Mountain of Skulls (The Black Cossacks Thriller Series Book 3)

The final adventure for the elite Soviet warriors! Perfect for fans of David Beaty, Alan Evans, Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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About the Book

For the Cossacks there can be no surrender…

Italy, 1945

In the last few weeks of the Second World War, the Black Cossacks are stateless, friendless and stranded in Northern Italy.

They have been betrayed by the defeated Germans they so diligently fought for in the belief they would finally restore to them their lost homeland on the River Don.

And Stalin wants his own revenge on the Cossack traitors who fought against Mother Russia.

In a last desperate bid for freedom and a home, the elite warriors, led by General Alexei Bogdan retreat to the northern Alps.

Facing hate-filled treacherous partisans, dug-in German SS units and other deadly hazards the Cossacks are desperate to find peace.

But the Allied troops have other ideas…

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