The Carey Gun (Thomas Carey Western Thrillers Book 3)

A classic Western set in post-Civil War America! Perfect for fans of J T Edson, Louis L’Amour, Larry McMurtry and Zane Grey.

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About the Book

He’s cast his uniform aside … but is Thomas walking into his toughest battle yet?

Texas, 1865

The war is over. Newly mustered out of the Confederate Army, Thomas Carey is heading for Texas to reclaim the ranch he left behind five long and bloody years before … and the wife who loves and hates him in equal measure.

Labelled a deserter, Thomas will be glad he defied orders to surrender arms, as he must defend himself against those who have sworn to end him.

But overnight everything changes when he discovers Jenny, the woman who saved his life, has died and left a baby boy – Thomas’s son.

Finally his life has meaning … but as he travels home with his son and Jenny’s black father-in-law Jethro Lukins, racial hatred leads to violent conflict.

And when he returns to the ranch to find trouble has followed him home, Thomas will again be glad he’s kept hold of his guns…

Can Thomas put the past behind him and build a heritage for his son? And with so many men after his hide, will he ever get the chance to do so?

Or will his mistakes catch up with him and shatter his family’s world once and for all?

Vividly depicting the aftermath of the American Civil War, THE CAREY GUN brings the trilogy of Thomas Carey Western thrillers to a gripping finale

Series: Carey, Book 3
Genre: Action & Adventure
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