The Big Breakout (T-Force Thriller Series Book 1)

An action-packed Second World War series! Perfect for fans of David Beatty, John Wingate and Derek Robinson.

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About the Book

A secret mission behind enemy lines…

France, July 1944

The covert T-Force, created by General Patton and under his direct orders, have been idle in France for two weeks. Finally the call to action arrives from the mouth of ‘Old Blood and Guts’ himself. Patton’s Third Army is going operational at last!

Battle-scarred Major Harry Hardt, Commanding Officer, eagerly receives his orders to attack behind enemy lines and seize Avranches, the strategic gateway to the rest of France. This target is not enough for the cunning, ambitious general. He wants the bridge at Pontaubault, in territory 50 miles from any army support and heavily defended by a whole Corp of fanatical German SS.

It’s an off the record mission with only light armoured vehicles, totally dependent on the advancing army reaching them on time for their survival.

If they succeed, they will get all the glory; if not, they may as well not come back…

Series: T-Force
Genre: Action & Adventure
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