The Baghdad Betrayal (Falcon SAS Military Thrillers Book 3)

Captain Mark Falcon finds himself caught up in the Gulf War!Perfect for fans of Andy McNab, Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, and Alex Shaw.

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About the Book

With Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, a brutal war is on the horizon…

Iraq, 1990

Ex-SAS Captain, Mark Falcon, is now a freelance journalist reporting on military disputes in the Middle East. Since Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, he has been based in Iraq, reporting on the conflict.

Which is how he finds himself in the right place at the right time when his former boss, Colonel Harry Killian, calls in a favour.

Killian knows Falcon is still the most efficient one-man fighting machine he’s ever known, and he needs Falcon to rescue an Iraqi defector who has been sitting on Saddam’s military council and feeding the UK and US army planned tactics of the Iraqi Army.

Western armies are posed to invade Iraq and there is only a short window available to flee the country before it becomes a warzone.

Falcon not only needs to rescue the agent, he has been tasked with getting a British diplomat’s son out of the country, but Richard Campbell won’t leave without his Iraqi girlfriend.

As the bombs start raining down on the city, Falcon is rapidly running out of time.

Can Falcon complete his missions and get out alive? Or will this deadly assignment be his last…?

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