Target! (SEALS Book 4)

The SEALs are back in Vietnam! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

Can the SEALs survive a brutal foray into enemy territory…?

An ominous traffic change on the Ho Chi Minh Trail warns of a possible repeat of the Tet offensive.

Lieutenant Mark Tynan and his team of Navy SEALS are assigned a secret mission across the Vietnamese border… and into the jungles of Laos to gain intelligence.

Struggling through an enemy-infested inferno means there is a high chance they won’t make it back out alive.

Especially as their mission is to infiltrate the hidden enemy stronghold and assassinate its leaders.

Already tired of the politics of war, will this suicide mission finally tip Tynan over the edge?

Series: SEAKS
Genre: Action & Adventure
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