Another special assignment for the American Navy SEALs! Perfect for fans of Andrew Watts, L. T. Ryan, Don Keith and George Wallace.

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About the Book

What secrets are hiding in the jungle…?

US Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Mark Tynan, home on leave, is struggling with the anti-war sentiment and opinions being hurled at him about Vietnam.

But he receives a call from the Pentagon ordering him back into action.

The base camp of an expedition group searching for a lost Mayan city has been attacked in Honduras and a team of American research scientists are now missing in the jungle.

Tynan leads a select group of SEALs on a reconnaissance mission to find out if they are still alive.

But an incredible discovery hidden deep in the jungle leaves them fighting for their survival.

Who are the mysterious attackers? Where are the missing scientists?

Can the SEALs bring the Americans home to safety…?

Series: SEAKS
Genre: Action & Adventure
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