Sherlock Holmes: My Life and Crimes (Discovered Memoirs of Sherlock Homes and Dr Watson)

A revelatory personal memoir from world famous detective, Sherlock Holmes! Perfect for fans of Don Libey, Nick Rennison, Vincent Starrett and William S. Baring-Gould.

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About the Book

Holmes sets the record straight at last…

Victorian England

So much has been written about the world’s greatest detective — by other people. Here he tells his own story of how he began his illustrious career.

In a reflective mood in retirement, Holmes’ thoughts drift back to the very beginning of his detecting days and how providence presented his first case. The young student, using newly formulated methods of observation and deduction, had found his calling.

Holmes reveals how he honed his craft and learnt his profession through an apprenticeship in the famous Pinkerton Agency in Chicago. It was here he learnt to be a criminal first, a detective second, and developed his supreme talent for disguise that was to become so essential to his success.

The casebook that was faithfully recorded by Dr Watson, Holmes tells for the first time, was not wholly true. Watson was misled and details hidden for very good reason. These secrets about old enemy Professor Moriarty are now revealed along with the true account of the dramatic events at the Reichenbach Falls and the missing years.

Who is the man behind the legend? What more is there to tell ?

And why did Holmes and Moriarty have to deceive and ‘die’…?

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