Prisoner of the Devil: Sherlock Holmes and the Dreyfus Case (Discovered Memoirs of Sherlock Homes and Dr Watson)

One of Sherlock Holmes’ missing cases has emerged! Perfect for fans of Linda Stratmann, David Stuart Davies, James Lovegrove, and Arthur Conan Doyle.

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About the Book

The desperate case of a convicted traitor sets Holmes on a quest for justice…

Europe, 1895

Political relations between the empires of Germany and England and the state of France are being tested as accusations of espionage and underhand activities threaten the fragile peace between the nations.

A Jewish French army officer, Captain Dreyfus, suddenly finds himself the victim of political corruption as he is tried and convicted of treachery for allegedly passing information to the German embassy in Paris. He is condemned to suffer the harshest treatment on Devil’s Island, a French penal colony off the coast of Guiana.

A visit from Mathieu Dreyfus, the prisoner’s brother, engages Holmes on one of the most lengthy and difficult cases of his career.

Is Dreyfus a traitor? Who is responsible for his living hell?

And why is Mycroft Holmes so deeply involved…?

PRISONER OF THE DEVIL is a new case for Sherlock Holmes, based on the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

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