Sherlock Holmes and the Duelling Dukes (The Early Casebook of Sherlock Holmes 6)

Discover one of Sherlock Holmes’ secret early cases! Perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, Anthony Horowitz and classic crime fiction.

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About the Book

Is a killer hiding in plain sight…?


Sherlock Holmes and his good friend Mr Stamford have taken a break from their studies at Barts Medical College in London to join a gentlemen’s sporting week at a large country manor house.

But on arrival, they find the guests consumed by old rivalries, with new hatreds and sinister plots festering among them.

And tensions boil over when one of the guests is discovered, dead.

With a large collection of weapons to hand and a group consumed with vengeance and malice, it is soon apparent that there is at least one killer in their midst.

Holmes is determined to solve the mystery and no can leave until he has done so.

But how far will the killer go to escape detection? Will he strike again?

Or can Holmes and Stamford outwit him…?

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