Queen of Heaven (Hera Greek Myths Retold Series Book 1)

A thrilling tale of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses! For fans of Natalie Haynes, Jennifer Saint, Madeleine Miller and Pat Barker.

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About the Book

The goddess Hera as you’ve never seen her before…

Divine daughter. Jealous lover. Goddess of motherhood. Vengeful wife. Queen of Olympus.

Hera is woman incarnate. And woman scorned.

The powerful goddess has never agreed with the way her story has been told and now the time has come for Hera to set the record straight.

Ripped from the stomach of her father by her brother Zeus, Hera’s beginning was violent and unnatural.

And her life on Olympus was overshadowed by that of her brother-husband Zeus.

But who was the real Hera? What made the revered goddess of matrimony and motherhood?

And how did the daughter of Time become the queen of Heaven…?

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