Ava McKevitt is a creative writer of predominantly historical fiction. She also enjoys reading and writing fantasy and magical realism, which she often incorporates into her work. She studied a BA (Hons) in Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology at Trinity College Dublin, subjects which she now teaches as a tutor.

Originally from the Republic of Ireland, Ava is pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, which she hopes to use to grow as a creative writer, branching out into other forms and genres.

Always fascinated by culture and history, her creative writing often discusses cross-cultural issues and explores belief and faith. A storyteller at heart, she strongly believes in the purpose of stories to inform and inspire, with the power to unite.

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You can get in touch with Ava through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Queen of Heaven (Hera Greek Myths Retold Series Book 1)

Queen of Heaven (Hera Greek Myths Retold Series Book 1)

A thrilling tale of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses! For fans of Natalie Haynes, Jennifer Saint, Madeleine Miller and Pat Barker.

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