A Goddess Scorned (Hera Greek Myths Retold Series Book 2)

A Goddess Scorned: The Queen of Olympos tells her own story... (Hera Greek Myths Retold Series Book 2)

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About the Book

The Queen is back … and she’s out for revenge…

The Goddess Hera, Queen of Olympos, has endured thousands of years of lies being spread about her. And now she is ready to set the record straight.

The Muses were employed by Hera’s brother-husband Zeus to craft a narrative that makes him a hero – and makes Hera a deceiver and a harlot.

But Queen Hera is sick of history favouring controlling men and demeaning the women suffering beside them.

As the patron goddess of women, marriage, and motherhood, it is Hera alone who can set the record straight and redeem her reputation – and the reputation of many women like her – from the slander that has so far been spread.

What really happened under Zeus’s rule? What part did Hera play?

And how did she really feel about the great King of the Gods…?

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