One Rose Less (Inspector Swinton Australian Mysteries Book 4)

A gripping murder mystery set in 1960s Australia! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, Lee Strauss and P.C. James.

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About the Book

Suburbia can be murder … especially with a neighbour like Rose …

Sydney, 1961

When Bob Clifton witnesses a disturbing event in a block of flats near his home, everyone tells him he must be imagining things.

But Bob can’t ignore his suspicion that he’s witnessed a murder, and there’s one man he knows will listen to him: his friend, Detective Inspector Herbert Swinton.

Unable to resist the lure of a mystery, Swinton investigates … but nothing seems amiss, and when Rose Fielding — the beautiful redhead Bob claims he saw murdered — turns up safe and sound, everyone agrees Bob has been working too hard and needs to rest.

That is, until events take a dramatic turn … and this time Rose is definitely dead.

As Swinton and his wry sidekick Detective Sergeant Primrose delve into Rose’s complicated private life, they uncover a complex tale of illicit loves, dark resentments and suburban scandal.

Was Rose’s death a simple suicide, or is there more to this case than meets the eye? And will Swinton’s beloved cold meat pies be enough to fuel his powers of deduction this time?

Or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?

Series: Inspector Swinton, Book 4
Genre: Crime Fiction & Thrillers
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