Goodbye, Sweet William (Inspector Swinton Australian Mysteries Book 2)

A gripping murder mystery with some unusual twists! Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, M.C. Beaton, Lee Strauss and P.C. James.

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About the Book

It’s impossible for a man to be killed three times … isn’t it?

Sydney, 1959

When Detective Inspector Herbert Swinton is called in to investigate the murder of William Flecker at a sophisticated house party, there’s no shortage of suspects. A well-known writer and notorious casanova, William was charming, charismatic, and utterly self-centred.

But it’s the first time Swinton has dealt with a murder case where three separate attempts have been made on the victim’s life…

As Swinton and his sidekick Detective Sergeant Primrose delve into William’s jaded social set, they uncover a tangled web of toxic friendship, career envy and forbidden lust. It seems everyone at the party had a reason to want William out of the way…

But when a second body is discovered – with no apparent motive for murder – suddenly all Swinton’s theories look set to fly out of the window.

And life – and death – have their ways of fooling even an experienced detective…

Series: Inspector Swinton, Book 2
Genre: Crime Fiction & Thrillers
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