Nest of Spies (Stephen Fletcher Espionage Thrillers #2)

Tensions run high in this intriguing Cold War thriller! Perfect for fans of Len Deighton, John Le Carre, Tom Clancy and Ian Fleming.

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About the Book

Who can you trust when no one is who they seem?

Greece, 1966

With the situation in Cyprus at boiling point between Turkey and Greece, Britain has sent out a peace force to keep things civil.

Access to Greece and its neighbouring countries had been a gateway for the British to keep an eye on the Middle East.

But now British Intelligence not only has the Greeks and Turks to contend with, but also a very active organisation of Communist agents whose one aim is to keep the pot boiling.

Stephen Fletcher, a British spy living in Piraeus, has been warned that attempts to facilitate a settlement between Greece and Turkey are in danger of being sabotaged.

But can he do anything to stop it? Who is behind the attack?

He must unravel a nest of spies – and attempt to come out alive…

Nest of Spies is the second classic international Cold War mystery in the Stephen Fletcher espionage thrillers series by Geoffrey Davison. 

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