Lady of Misrule (The Marwood Family Tudor Saga Book 4)

An intriguing page-turning drama at the heart of the Tudor court! For fans of Philippa Gregory, Elizabeth Chadwick, Carol McGrath and Anne O’Brien.

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About the Book

Has time run out for Queen Catherine of Aragon…?

The mood at court is sombre. The fractures in the royal marriage are spreading and King Henry’s desires are threatening the stability of the realm.

Eighteen-year-old Thomasin Marwood feels aged beyond her years in service to Queen Catherine of Aragon.

Her time as a lady-in-waiting has exposed her to intrigues and dark plots that have cast a shadow over her future.

And now King Henry is becoming more open in his plot to divorce the queen and marry Lady Anne Boleyn.

Queen Catherine has sent for her daughter, Princess Mary to join her at court and remind Henry of his fatherly duties. But Anne Boleyn is always at Henry’s side, resplendent in her lavish gowns, reminding the king of her youth and ability to carry an heir.

Thomasin is loyal to her mistress, Queen Catherine, but she finds herself noticed by the Boleyns and she fears her position at court may soon change.

What will happen to Thomasin if the king is successful in his petition for a divorce? Will Queen Catherine be cast out of court?

And will Lady Anne Boleyn finally get the throne she has been lusting after…?

Series: Marwood
Genre: Historical Fiction
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