He Wrote Her Every Day

A love story and true account of the Second World War. Perfect for fans of personal memoirs, military history and historical biographies.

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About the Book

Though I’m far away, my thoughts and love are always with you. Take good care of yourself for me, and I’ll do the same for you..

In 1944, James William Hendrickson, Jr. , a young munitions worker, received the devastating news that his fighter-pilot brother, Bill, had been shot down over Germany and taken as a prisoner-of-war.

Unable to sit idly by waiting, Jim was determined to enlist and bring Bill home.

But he would be leaving behind his beloved wife, Irene…

Like many war-time newlyweds, the separation was hard on the couple. But Jim made Irene a promise. He would write to her every single day while they were apart. And it was a promise he would keep.

Though Jim became increasingly disillusioned with Army life, and found himself in the middle of horrific battle scenes, his connection to Irene through the letters kept him alive.

Jim’s original letters to Irene, the author’s conversations with her mother, and a dramatic retelling of Jim’s army days, guided Gail Lindenberg to write He Wrote Her Every Day, which is above all a heart-warming love story, showing one man’s determination to survive the horrors of the Second World War in the hopes that he would be able to return home to the woman he loved.

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