Centurion (Quintus Roman Thrillers Book 4)

Don’t miss this thrilling military Roman adventure! For fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Simon Scarrow.

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About the Book

Do any roads lead to Rome…?

After wintering in Germania, Julius Quintus Quirinius is commanded to gather up the remains of his cohort and meet with General Drusus, who is marching with many legions west down the Rhine from the Alps.

But treacherous enemies and the fickle gods of the weather combine to slow them down. And a new force, led by a mysterious freedom fighter, is organising the local tribes against them.

Desertion plagues them and when the cohort commander is captured, Quintus and the other centurions have decisions to make.

They need to rescue their commander and destroy the fortress where he is being held, but they also need to lead the men to the Alpen passes that point to Rome and home.

Quintus has faith in his companions and knows they respect him in return. But he doesn’t want to test their loyalty by making an unpopular decision.

Can Quintus lead his cohort to victory – and their homeland?

Or will Rome once more remain beyond their reach…?

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