Adele is a writer with a fascination for history. Her focus is fiction in the Tudor era, telling the stories of women and adventure. Whether it’s inspired by true events or created purely from imagination, she desires to write stories from this captivating era that haven’t been written before of those on the edges of society, the paupers, the spies, the workers and those who have not had a voice.

Adele studied English at the University of Exeter before moving into an eclectic career of publishing and marketing. Having worked with the National Trust’s photography department for two years, Adele travelled the country to visit the landscapes and historical places that have carved England and Wales’ heritage. When Covid struck, the opportunity disappeared overnight, and Adele committed her time to ghost writing and authoring her own stories. Since then, she has had over twenty successful books published and hopes to turn that success into stories now written in her own name.

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‘The Gentlewoman Spy’ is book one in the Kit Scarlett series.
Who would expect the right-hand man of Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster to be a woman? Kit Scarlett is the spy no one expects in Elizabethan England, hiding in her men’s jerkin and hose, she’ll have to protect the Queen from an assassination attempt. Or England will see a Civil War.

The Gentlewoman Spy (Kit Scarlett Tudor Mysteries Book 1)

The Gentlewoman Spy (Kit Scarlett Tudor Mysteries Book 1)

Join Kit in a thrilling historical espionage novel! For fans of S J Parris, Andrew Taylor, S W Perry and Andrew Swanston.

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