Murder At Greenwich Palace (Shadow Cutpurses Tudor Thrillers Book 1)

Don’t miss this nail-biting historical crime thriller! For fans of S J Parris, Andrew Taylor, S W Perry and Andrew Swanston.

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About the Book

An enterprising thief witnesses a brutal murder…

1536, London

Mother and daughter ‘shadow cutpurse’ team, Emlyn and Gwynnie have been stealing to survive for years, but they are ready to make their big break and escape a life of crime forever.

While Emlyn distracts the guards at Greenwich Palace, Gwynnie sneaks inside, searching for the royal jewels that will set them up for life.

But Gwynnie is disturbed in the act and whilst hiding, she sees something she can never unsee.

A man is murdered in front of her.

Gwynnie flees the crime scene but extreme flooding blocks her escape from the palace grounds.

And with the break-in discovered, suspicion for the murder is placed on the thieves.

If Gwynnie admits to what she has seen, she could find herself executed for a crime she didn’t commit.

Can Gwynnie find a way to reveal what she saw? Will she manage to find her way to freedom?

Or will her a career as a cutpurse end in death…?

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