William the Conqueror

An absorbing historical saga chronicling the life of William of Normandy! Perfect for fans of S D Sykes, E. M. Powell, Karen Maitland and S J Parris.

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About the Book

A formidable Norman duke changes the course of English history

Normandy, 1027

Having recently become Duke of Normandy, young Robert must seize control of his domain before anarchy ensues. But his focus soon wavers when he meets Arlette — a tanner’s daughter — who wins his admiration with her spirit and beauty. Though unable to marry, they conceive a son, William.

In spite of his illegitimate birth and numerous detractors, William rises to become the new Duke of Normandy — renowned for both his strength and his ruthlessness. And when the King of England, Edward the Confessor dies, the ambitious duke decides to stake his claim to the English throne.

However, there are two other claimants prepared to fight for control of England — each with a formidable army. Undeterred by the challenge, William sends an invasion force across the Channel to realise his ambition.

But the duke soon realises that he has some powerful Saxon enemies who would refuse to accept a Norman king. And with plots and uprisings rife in both England and Normandy, William must decide who he can trust to aid him in his bloody struggle for power…

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